Monday, November 9, 2009

New Beginnings.....

Its a shame i am just now starting a blog. I love writing. Always have. I think its just in my blood. Just like photography. Love it. Finally broke down and started taking photography seriously. I have always had a fascination with a camera and the art you can capture with one. But you know life has a funny way of ... well, getting in the way, but in a good way, and there are always other priorities.

My name is Tameka and I am a stay at home mom to three wonderful children, hence my title, My 3 Jewels, and I am proudly married to the most wonderful man ever, Robert. I am a licensed Realtor and my husband is primarily a GA Licensed Developer / Builder and we own a few businesses. Our speciality is high end custom homes however we do a variety of other projects, subdivisions, investment properties, and spec homes as well. I am very proud of the portfolio of projects we have completed to date and the businesses we have built. It took courage, determination, and sacrifice to get here.... and the rewards have been worth every bit of it.

My oldest son is Robert II (or Boo as i call him), then there is my sweet Jasmine (Jazzy as she likes to be called or J as we call her, lol), and last but certainly not least is Julian (Juju or Jules). I have been very blessed in this life and I don't take that lightly. I love my family deeply and I am over the moon that I can be home to raise them. They are my air, who I live for. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I am excited to see the people that they are becoming.

So why is this post titled New Beginnings you ask?... Well mostly because its the beginning of this blog, but also because I cant remember the last time I kept a journal of what I am doing, why, etc. I started this blog for my kids really..... but I am sure the writer in me will also blossom too....

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